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Center equipped with the latest technology for consultation, diagnosis and surgical area, in addition to professionals with multidisciplinary training recognized for their excellence and efficiency.

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Ophthalmologic emergencies

GBA Ophthalmologists has an ophthalmological emergency service for any problem. For our medical team to examine and determine the degree of emergency, medical or surgical treatment call (222) 290 7591 | CONM: 303 6600 (Ext) 3700 / 3701 or send us an email

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Professionals with multidisciplinary training.

recognized for their excellence and efficiency..

MD. Javier Gaytán

Ophthalmologist | Cornea and Refractive Surgery

MD. Rafael Bueno

Surgeon Ophthalmologist | Retinologist

MD. George Antzoulatos

Ophthalmologist | Previous Segment, Cataracts and Glaucoma

GBA Ophthalmologist | Hospital Ángeles Puebla

Technology and Innovation