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Retinal Detachment

Retinal Detachment

Detachment of the retina is a separation of the retina by sub-retinal fluid. The detachment of the rhegmatogenous retina is the most frequent and occurs in association with a break in the retina, which allows the liquefied (degenerated) vitreous to pass the sub-retinal space. There are also other less frequent types of detachments, such as the detachment of the tractional retina and the detachment of the exudative retina.


Symptoms of a retinal tear and detached retina may include:

  • A sudden increase in the size and number of floating spots, indicating that a retinal tear may be occurring;
  • A sudden appearance of scintillation, indicating a possible first stage of tearing or detachment of the retina;
    A shadow on the periphery (side) of the field of vision;

  • A gray curtain moving in the middle of the field of vision;
  • A sudden decrease in vision.

    Treatment for Retinal Detachment

    Based on your specific condition, the ophthalmologist will discuss the recommended procedure type and inform you about the different risks and benefits of.

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