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Strabismus is a visual problem that causes the eyes not to line up correctly and point in different directions. One eye can look forward, while the other turns inward, outward, upward or downward.

A cataract or injury to the eye that affects vision may cause strabismus.

Causes of Strabismus

There are many causes for strabismus, especially in the first years of life (up to 9-10 years), when our visual system develops:

  • Refractive defects.
  • Lack of transparency of ocular media.
  • Congenital strabismus.


    If there is a family history of strabismus or amblyopia, or the use of thick glasses, an ophthalmologist should evaluate the vision, even before 3 years of age.

    Treatment for strabismus

    In some cases of strabismus, some eyeglasses may be prescribed to help correct the alignment of the child’s eyes. Other treatments may require surgery to correct the imbalance of the eye muscles or to remove a cataract.

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